About us ­čçČ­čçž

Hi! I’m Daniela Norcia, a communication professional. I am now living in Valencia, Spain, and I work remotely as a communication consultant for Brazilian agencies and companies.

And what it has to do with the blog? Since I was I kid I love to observe the details of the streets and the places. I am also passionate to have experiences abroad.

Traveling and seeing new places, new cultures, landscapes and stories… it is something that I have always loved! I have also another passion: writing and taking photographs.

For many years, when I travelled, I used to write a diary to send to my close friends. This experience of writing diaries and posting photos showed me that some people have difficulties and fears related to the topic international travels. And lots of them want something new but they only have access to the information on the most famous destinations.

I wanted to help them. I wanted to make them feel comfortable and also show non traditional and unexpected places. That’s why I decided to create Ultrapassando Fronteiras.

The objective is to show different destinations and places, share practical information – how to study abroad, how to choose a travel insurance -, and also tell exotic and special experiences.

I also noticed the importance to provide information on living abroad. So, I tell here about this experiences and I bring information to help this life abroad to be smooth and delicious!

I wish my readers to have unforgettable experiences and also unveil this big planet!

Daniela Norcia